my name is steffi
I live near frankfurt up the hills of taunus and I like graphic design, photography and illustration
oh and botany.
email me via hello(at)


these are from my last filmroll, with the garden of my boyfriends mother oder some flowers at the gardening show I visited. I thought they would look pretty on a smartphone-case. you can order it via society6 (click me). they also have cases for samsung galaxy S4 now.

this huge house boat made a three year journey to discover the wildest jungles. there was a botanist lady on board , who collected thousands of unknown plants and eggs of fantastic insects. her companion was a very clever monkey (with just one eye), who helped her finding all that stuff. I believe she soon will win much fame with her discoveries.

if you follow my instagram feed you may have seen some photos of the drawing process.

just dropped in to say that there is free shipping in my store at society6 until june 16th. use EXACTLY THIS LINK if you want to take the opportunity.

offer excludes framed art prints, stretched canvases and throw pillows with inserts.

my website is finally online. you can find it via in the end it was much fun and I feel like a little hacker now (of cooourse I'm just an amateur).

the girl above is carla. she came from a far away tribe, where women can grow the most impressive beards. she has never heard of the internet and wonders what all the fuss is about. e.g. me swearing and cheering alternately.

there is free shipping on society6 until sunday (february, 23rd). I have added this pillowcase to my shop and also worked over the quality and resolution of the midnight journey picture.

HERE's my shop

january through instagram. the tracks on the second photo have been made by a heron. he wandered closely around the house. also seems like he had a little chat with our cat. my internship is over in a very few weeks and afterwards I'll have plenty of time (compared to now) to do some stuff I like.

do you know the google art project? my boss just showed it to me and I wondered why I did't know about it before. it's so so nice, for those things you have to love the internet, right? I could spend hours zooming into the paintings and discovering the tiny details.

see my pinterest.


with inka on the creative market in october. I'm the left one with the nimbus. our friend julia shot these,  I hope she's not mad about me posting them. anyway – if she was she wouldn't complain here, right julia? ├Ątschikol├Ątschi.